• Make footage and project data available to team members.
  • Frame accurately synchronize viewing for your audience.
  • Deliver video, audio, stills and any other file.
No Software Installation Required

Goviso requires a current web-browser with Flash Player 9 or higher installed. No additional software installation is necessary, which means you can get started right away. Updates are automatically deployed, so you are always running the latest version of Goviso.

Remote Synchronized Playback

One of the key features of Goviso is synchronized playback. Video playback is frame-accurately synchronized for all attendees within the screening room (Goviso.Screen). This means that everyone is watching the same frame of a clip at the same time. In moderated sessions, attendees' playback-functions are controlled remotely by the presenter.

Pre-Cached Content

While watching one video clip, you can preload others. In the user section of the screening room, everybody’s download status is displayed. Even a slow internet connection will not limit the overall experience. Once downloaded, a clip can be watched or saved for later so internet traffic is kept to a minimum.


All common time-code formats are supported for use in editorial systems and in the context of production. Clips can easily be referenced back to source footage through time-codes and metadata information.

Text, Voice & Video-chat

The Goviso Screening Room features a text chat similar to typical IM (Instant Messaging) applications such as AIM or MSN, as well as multi-point voice and video conferencing. Please check our requirements for more information on voice and video conferencing.

Notes and Whiteboard

The Whiteboard is an overlay on the video screen area which allows for drawing anywhere on top of the footage. Notes can be attached to these Whiteboards to leaving instructions or comments. These Notes are also represented on the timeline, and can be exported to a number of useful formats with their relevant timecode information included.

Superior Video Quality

Goviso uses ON2’s VP6 codec – Adobe’s choice for Flash.

Fullscreen Mode

With Goviso you can view your footage in fullscreen just like on a regular television screen.

Multiple Projects, multiple Tracks

An unlimited number of projects can be created containing different media (videos or still images). Each project has its own screening room, so your Goviso session contains only footage that is relevant to that specific project. Within a project, video clips are organized within a "tracks-list". Switching between clips triggers that switch for everyone in the session.


Goviso uses SSL (secure socket layer) encryption for all traffic, and uploading/downloading of media files. Voice and video conferencing traffic are also encrypted using Adobe's RTMPE system. This means that every aspect of your Goviso project is fully encrypted and secure.